January 14, 2017

2017 Goals (and Life Update)

Is it too late to put up my 2017 goals and do a quick 2016 recap?
(This is where we kind of pretend that I was not the lousy blogger who published only 10 posts last year.) Even still, Happy (late) New Year.

2016 was a year of BIG changes for me. I feel like I outdid myself on a personal level with the goals I had set for myself.


Graduate college. I had set myself a goal of getting an average total of 75% and I am so happy to have got nearly 80%.

Apply for my Master's degree (and get accepted). I started my post-grad in summer at my dream journalism school and it was an unbelievable moment for me.

Intern at a newspaper. I managed to snag an internship at our local national newspaper. It was kind of a big deal for me because I have grown up reading it. I interned for 5 months until I had to move to Chennai and started freelancing with them since.

Dabble in freelance writing. I started freelancing with them since July 2016 until the newspaper section I was working for was shut down in December. Infact, I got more articles published while I was freelancing than I did when I was officially interning with them.

Be a better blogger. I was so caught up with school and adjusting with the new changes, in lack of better words, I'll confess that I chose life over blog.

Increase my social media followers. I completely overlooked Twitter, so the only platform I was truly active on was Instagram. I'm almost proud how much it grew last year.

Read 70 books. No, I read only 27 books because, life happened.

Start a bookish (art) journal. Same as above. (Although to be honest, I lost the inspiration somewhere along the way.)

Vlog. I came very close to making a vlog, and then it didn't happen.

Travel. If there is something I am massively proud of is how much I travelled in 2016. I moved to a new city and squeezed in as many little getaways I could fit in during my off-days.

With that said, I'm beyond excited to see what 2017 holds for me.

2017 GOALS

Travel. I'm making travel a MAJOR priority this year. I have some big plans that I really don't want to jinx.

Get my post-grad degree. I'm graduating this spring and fingers crossed, everything works out just fine (including some other plans I have for myself).

Get a job. 'Tis the time (almost). All I hope is that it's not a shitty position as newspaper / magazine jobs have a reputation to be.

Read 50 books. Seeing how I failed to reach last year's reading goal,, I'm lowering it to 50. Maybe I'll surprise myself, or not.

Take the IELTS exam. Because you know, studying in the UK. But like I said, I'm trying not to think ahead too much in case things don't work out afterall.

Figure out a blogging schedule. I know things are only going to get harder from here but I'm starting afresh this year with baby steps.

Redesign my blog. I think my outdated sidebar says it all. I'm 21 now, in case you haven't figured it out yet.

Complete my 101 in 1001 goals. Atleast 70% of it, if I can.

How has been your 2016? What amazing goals did you set for yourself this year?


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