May 05, 2016

What's In My Bag?

Day 3 of #BEDM was to reveal what's in our bag and I'm SO excited to write this. I love reading these posts (and vlogs too). I kind of always wanted to do one of these but never really got around to it. So here we go.

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I've been using this multi-coloured sling bag for nearly 2 years now. It fits pretty much all the junk I carry around with me everyday to college and work.

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Behold, the contents of my bag.

1. Notebook
2. Purse
3. Phone
4. Earphones (not in photo)
5. Watch (it doesn't work, by the way, but I still carry it with me)
6. Nivea lip-balm
7. Pens (and a hideous pencil-box which I refuse to show you)
8. ID cards of my college and work (let's ignore my ID photo, okay?)

I carry an umbrella too because Kolkata weather sucks. But I couldn't fit it in the frame.

Infact, I'll show you what's inside my purse too.

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Cash, coins and bus tickets (not in photo because unfortunately I had thrown them away before).

So that's pretty much everything I carry, plus-minus a couple of things depending on where I go. I usually carry a couple more notebooks when I'm going to class or work. Or take them out completely if I'm going elsewhere. But the rest is pretty much the same. WINK.

Tell me tell me, what do you carry in your bag?


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