May 01, 2016

17 Things You Should Know About Me

Because I feel totally shitty for ignoring my blog for so long, I'll be doing #BEDM (Blog Every Day in May) this month to kickstart my blog again. YAY. (If you'd like to join too, you'll find all the prompts on Elizabeth's blog.)

The first prompt of the month is "Tell Us Something New". I figured that I never really wrote a get to know me post on my blog (my About Me page doesn't really count). So ta-da.

For all my new-readers, here's a quick intro about me.

I'm Somdyuti. I'm 20. I'm born and brought up in Kolkata, India. I just graduated from college with a major in Communicative English. I'm very much an ambivert. Tea, biscuits and rom-coms are my life. Oh, YA and fantasy books too.

Okie so here we go.

1. My name means moonlight. "Som" [ সোম ] in Bengali means moon and "Dyuti" [ দ্যুতি ] means light. You put them together and Somdyuti [ সোমদ্যুতি ] translates to "moonlight". WINK.

2. October is my favourite month. Hello, birthday month and Durga Puja!

3. I'm kind of sort of really blind without my glasses. Like, if you stand a foot away from me, I still won't be able to see you anyway.

4. I also wear braces. I was supposed to have them removed this summer but apparently, my teeth haven't aligned yet. So now I have to wear them a year more. *cries forever*

5. I'm really really short too. I'm a tiny 5'2 dwarf.

6. I share my birthday with Peeta Mellark, Thor and Wolverine. What's that? Oh sorry, I meant Josh Hutcherson, Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman. Could this mean Josh Hutcherson and I are meant to be?

7. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are my favourite on-screen OTP. Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail gives me all the feels.

8. I'm a noob when it comes to make-up. The only thing I like wearing is kajal. I don't like lipsticks (or gloss or lip-balms) because eventually I end up licking it all off. *hides face*

9. I suck at maths. I'm really really scared of it.

10. Sam Claflin is my ultimate man-crush. I know he's married but shhhh.

sam claflin, sam claflin collage, sam claflin tumblr

11. Switchfoot, The Fray, One Republic and Ed Sheeran are my all-time favourites. Someday, I'd love to hear them all live. (Why you no come to India huh huh huh?)

12. I'm a Grey's Anatomy trash. Shonda Rhimes has ruined my life and I'm totally okay with it. Also, can we talk about how it has set unrealistic goals about doctors? WINK.

13. There's too much Harry Potter inside my head. I always related to Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, but lately, I'e been feeling very Slytherin-ish. I have HP Pinterest board too. What's that? You don't like Harry Potter? *silently judges you*

harry potter, harry potter new covers, harry potter bloomsbury cover, harry potter series

14. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Phoebe Buffay (FRIENDS) and Jennifer Lawrence are my spirit people. So much sass. So much badassery.

15. I'm terrified of public speaking. I get all jittery and sweaty and fidgety when I have to speak to a large group of people.

16. Sports bore me. I just don't get it, at all. My idea of sports is quidditch.

17. The only kind of soft drink I like are the mango-flavoured ones. Frooti, Maaza and Slice are my favourites. Also, I don't like coke.

frooti, frooti drink, mango drink, frooti india

So that's pretty much about me. Over to you now.

Tell me something about yourself. Do we have anything in common?


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