March 22, 2016

Lost In A Book Tag

My wonderful friend Jade (from Jasey Jade) had tagged me AGES AGO to do this tag. Ofcourse it took me forever to get it done because I'm that lousy.

(Also, I'm starting to realize that dumping all my books to recreate #seaofbooks was perhaps not a good idea. But I hope you can tell that I REALLY love YA books. Like a lot! WINK.)

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

Yes, my glorious bed stacked with cushions. I would share a photo with you but I'm afraid it isn't Pinterest-worthy (read: books and newspapers and clothes dumped all over my bed.)

2. Where do you like to read?

My room. Definitely, my room. Not that I'm not open to fancy cafes, with a latte in one hand and my book in another. Very tumblr-ish! But y'know, Student Life = Broke Life. *shrugs*

3. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I love me some bookmarks. I've got a mug full of 'em. (Fun Fact: I'm known to throw tantrums when my bookmarks go missing because whoa WTF you never pull out / misplace a bookmark. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find the page you stopped reading at? Huh huh huh do you? *shakes head*)

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at a chapter?

I stop at a chapter. But sometimes I'm guilty of stopping mid-sentence too. Like, the times I fall asleep reading and the book slams onto my face. Even worse, when it's my phone! Ow.

5. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Because I have a habit of spilling drinks or snacks all over my books, I prefer NOT to eat/drink while reading. But when I do, I make sure it's an ebook I'm reading with fruits or tea (duh) or chips or cakes or chocolates. Or sometimes breakfast / lunch / dinner.

6. E-reader or real book?

As much as I love the touch and smell of physical books, alas, they're too costly for my budget. (Not that it stops me from buying them.) So eBooks are obviously my best option. Plus they're absolutely free and I can read 'em anywhere. Even with lights off. WINK.

7. Music or television while reading?

Absolutely nothing. I hate when people even try to talk to when I'm reading. Like why? Why do you always choose this moment to talk to me? I'm in the middle of a war and the king is about to behead his general. STOP TALKING. SHHH...

8. One book at a time or several at once?

I often shuffle between 2 books. One for the day and one for late night reading. But obviously, I can only concentrate on one LOL.

9. Reading at home or everywhere?

I bring my book (or eBook) everywhere - college, extra-classes, while travelling, even to the dentist. I like reading even when I'm away from home. Especially, if it's a good book!

10. Reading aloud or silently in your head?

I read silently, except for the parts when I get too excited. Like, when the MC / Villain is shouting their hearts out and I'm 500% feeling all their emotions. Yep, those are the times I definitely read aloud. But not "aloud" aloud, more like "whispering" aloud with real expressions. Whatever, I'm too attached to my characters. (Am I the only one who does this?)

11. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction, all the way. Non-fictions ain't my cup of tea.

12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Nah I read every word and sentence (sometimes I re-read them if it was a particularly good scene). But sometimes, if I'm getting bored and the plot is too bleh, I skip forward to a couple of chapters to see if anything good awaits me.

13. Break the spine or keep a book like new?

I like my books shiny, pretty and new. I can't avoid cress marks on the spines, but I would NEVER break it in a million years. Nope. Never.

14. Do you write in your books?

WHAT? Are you crazy? NO! Never! Next question please.

15. Your favorite book?

Harry Potter. It's always Harry Potter. Always! But my Top 3 books (more like series) would go something like-

1. Harry Potter (series) - J.K.Rowling
2. Percy Jackson (series) - Rick Riordan
3. Throne of Glass (series) - Sarah J. Maas

If you haven't read any of the above, you REALLY should. What are you doing with your life? Go read them. They're fucking fantastic.

Share with me your answers too. Do we have anything in common? Are you as weird as me (or not)?


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