November 19, 2015

From Gulmarg To Apple Gardens, Jammu & Kashmir

On the day of our Gulmarg trip, we were greeted by a bright and sunny Srinagar. SURPRISE!

I gotta say, the sun was such a welcome after all the rain and snow.

I'm growing plenty tired of saying it over and over again, but the road to Gulmarg was so beautiful. I mean, sure, we got stuck in jam for 2 hours (not kidding) BUT that in no way lessens my love for Kashmir.

gulmarg, kashmir, india, autumn, autumn forest
We stopped to change into heavier coats and boots (because brrr.... it was snowing in Gulmarg).

And then we were off again - riding into a town of snow.

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall

FUN FACT: Gulmarg has a LOT of horses. And a LOT of horse poo. So y'know, keep calm and watch your step.

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall

There wasn't as much snow as we expected, but snow is still snow, right?

There was a temple too that my parents visited because... why not.

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall, mountains

gulmarg, kashmir, india, snowfall, mountains

Oh and remember how I said that I didn't get to play with snow in Sonmarg?

Yes well, you can scratch that off the list now. Ha!

I played with snow and I faceplanted in the snow and I *almost * slipped on horse poo too.

Like I said before, beware of the poop!

On our way back from Gulmarg, we stopped by an apple garden.

I swear I have NEVER seen so many apples in a tree in my life. EVER.

A shopkeeper greeted us with freshly cut apples as soon as we arrived. OHMYGOD they were SO juicy and ripe and red! I can still taste them in my mouth.

Seriously though, if you ever visit Kashmir, you MUST eat apples from one of their apple gardens. And maybe a glass of freshly made apple juice too.

Mmmmmm..... I am officially in love with Kashmiri apples!

apple garden, apple in trees, kashmir, india

I don't know how many of you heard about the recent earthquake in Afghanistan (October 26; 7.5 magnitude) but we felt strong tremors in Kashmir too.

We were inside a spice shop when the earthquake started.

Everything started shaking inside the shop. It's like you watch in the TV: the jars falling from the shelves; people running out into the street; the cars jumping on the road.

I was 300% sure the shop was going to collapse (along with us).

Thankfully, it didn't.

I think the earthquake lasted for a minute or so. But it was really really really strong.

(RANDOM FACT: This is my 3rd earthquake of 2015 after the terrific Nepal earthquake.)

We left soon after, and our last stop for the day was a garment factory.

I didn't go inside though because meh... boring.

However, I did try a nice hot cup of kahwa.

kashmir, india, kashmiri drink, kashmiri tea, kahwa, kahwah

Kahwa is a sweet, sugary, syrupy, yellowy Kashmiri drink. It's made of saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and dried fruits.

Apparently it's good for cold and keeps you warm. *wink wink*

Again, if you ever Kashmir, you MUST try kahwa. Okay?

When we finally reached our shikara that evening, we were EXHAUSTED. I'm very tempted to tell you everything about how we got stuck in traffic for 3 hrs because the big bad earthquake cracked a bridge in Srinagar. But ehhhh I'll spare you the agony. Ha!

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