November 24, 2015

A Lip-Smacking Kashmiri Dinner

We almost never stepped out to explore Srinagar in the evening because of the cold. Did I tell you how cold it gets in the evening? Very. Then again, we aren't quite accustomed to such freezing weather either (we live in a very hot city, thankyouverymuch).

So after returning from Gulmarg, we headed straight for the local markets in Srinagar. We shopped and bargained and shopped some more.

And then we walked along Dal Lake which was the most beautiful thing ever.

dal lake, srinagar, kashmir, shikara, houseboat, dal lake at night

Everything was alight — Dal Lake, its houseboats, the street. Everything.

I may or may not have been completely speechless (I absolutely was).

our next agenda for the evening was to have a proper Kashmiri dinner. Because who visits Kashmir and not taste their cuisine, right?

The folks suggested a visit to Khayam Chowk. Apparently, it's THE hub of authentic Kashmiri flavours.

So off we went.

We chose a bright little restaurant right off the street.

We ordered ourselves a plate of kashmiri pulao, waza chicken and mutton seekh kebab.

kashmiri food, kashmiri cuisine, kashmiri pulao, waza chicken, waza kukor, kashmir

mutton seekh kabab, kashmiri seekh kabab, kashmiri dish, kashmiri cuisine, kashmiri food, kashmir

The food was heavenly. All of them!

The kashmiri pulao was was filled with an assortment of dried fruits, nuts and raisins. It's unlike anything I've tasted before.

So was the waza chicken. The gravy was made of crushed nuts, saffron and a variety of spices.

But my personal favourite of the three dishes was definitely the kebab. Now that I think of it, those were THE BEST mutton seekh kebab I've ever had in my life!

(I'm not very fond of mutton in general, so that's saying something.)

They were SO soft and juicy and perfectly spiced. I really, really, really loved them. #YUM

Seriously, if you ever visit Kashmir, you MUST try their pulao and seekh kebab.

I know for sure that you'll love it!

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