November 24, 2015

A Lip-Smacking Kashmiri Dinner

We almost never stepped out to explore Srinagar in the evening because of the cold. Did I tell you how cold it gets in the evening? Very. Then again, we aren't quite accustomed to such freezing weather either (we live in a very hot city, thankyouverymuch).

So after returning from Gulmarg, we headed straight for the local markets in Srinagar. We shopped and bargained and shopped some more.

And then we walked along Dal Lake which was the most beautiful thing ever.

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November 19, 2015

From Gulmarg To Apple Gardens, Jammu & Kashmir

On the day of our Gulmarg trip, we were greeted by a bright and sunny Srinagar. SURPRISE!

I gotta say, the sun was such a welcome after all the rain and snow.

I'm growing plenty tired of saying it over and over again, but the road to Gulmarg was so beautiful. I mean, sure, we got stuck in jam for 2 hours (not kidding) BUT that in no way lessens my love for Kashmir.

gulmarg, kashmir, india, autumn, autumn forest

November 12, 2015

Hello Snowy Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Our second day in Jammu & Kashmir began with a trip to Sonmarg (about 2 hours car ride from Srinagar). We left bright and early in the morning while it was still drizzling.

We stopped briefly at a roadside Punjabi dhaba to have our breakfast. The dhaba was, quite conveniently, located on the banks of river Jammu. There's something about having hot tea and pakoras on a rainy day, all the while taking in the beauty of the river that flowed by.

sonmarg, kashmir, srinagar, india, river jammu,

November 08, 2015

Arriving at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

I've been wanting to visit Kashmir almost my whole life and the past 2 weeks were everything I could have asked for and more.

Kashmir was perfect.

But our journey was epic-er.
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