October 11, 2015

TV Shows I'm Watching: Fall 2015

This is my favourite time of the whole year because-

a. October is my birthday month.
b. Durga Puja aka month-long Puja vacation. No school/college.
c. Loads of new and old TV shows.
d. New book releases.

October 01, 2015

One Year Bloggiversary :: Ask Me Anything

My little baby blog turned one today and I'm so happy YAY YAY YAY.

I would have posted much sooner today but ehh you know, college + extra classes takes forever.

But but but the most important thing is that One Tiny Wish completed one year today. I've been very lousy with my blog this year but I'm still so so happy that my blog and YOUUU - my awesome readers who stuck around with me - have come so far together! #ProudMammaMoment

I am beyond happy right now. Like absolutely totally jumping-on-the-moon kind of happy! I'm rambling. I should stop rambling.
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